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Become a Carbon Neutral Company

Track, analyze and automatically offset your company's carbon emissions. All from one beautiful dashboard.

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A better way to offset CO2 emissions

Calculate your company emissions in few clicks, add all your team to your dashboard and share your donations online with a public page for full transparency.

Track, monitor and calculate your CO2 emissions

Use our dashboard to keep track of your C02 emissions month over month.

  • Work commutes

    Track and offset CO2 emissions coming from work commutes.

  • Business Trips

    Add new business trips in a couple of clicks and automatically offset them

  • Shipping

    Use our plugins and API to automatically calculate the right offset for each shipping, depending on the weight and distance


Directly to verified NGOs & Non Profits

Your donations will go directly to verified non profits focused on environmental impact. You will be able to chose the non-profit you want to donate to from our partner list in your dashboard.

  • Donations

    100% of your donations will go directly to the non-profit of your choice. Your donation won't even touch our bank account.

  • Platform fee

    You will also be charged a 4% platform fee (with a minimum of $ 4,90 monthly). This includes our credit-card fees, development and API mantainance.


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