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I'll work for you for 150 USD

I'll personally work for your company for 150 USD a Month. There is no catch.

I'm Costantin, I'm a 27 years old entrepreneur I'm based in Italy. I've graduated in marketing, I'm Google Ads & Google Analytics certified and I've always worked with digital marketing, mainly building and selling my own softwares.

Currently I'm working on Zero.sh. Zero is a dashboard builder which allows anyone to build anything using small scripts. Since Zero uses scripts instead of fixed integrations it makes it really really flexible. With Zero I can build for you:

  1. Internal tools: With small internal tools you can automate all sort of annoying work you need to do. If you take more than 5 minutes a day to do something, most likely I can automate it for you using Zero. Like issuing refunds, managing customers, deliveries, shipping etc.

  2. Dashboards: I can connect Zero for you to any existing API. I can build you funnels so that you have a clear vision of which channel converts, or I can pull new leads from Reddit or UpWork, build charts from Google Sheets and much more. Zero is great to visualize your companies growth and find possible problems. Get an overview of everything.

What am I exactly suggesting?

I work for you several hours a week. We discuss together what you would like me to help you out in your company. The only requirement is that I use Zero.sh to do it. This way it would really be a win-win situation.

Why it's a win-win deal?

What you get:

  • Someone truly experienced to work for you at 1/10th of the price
  • Improved productivity. A task which normally takes you 15 minutes with Zero can take 1
  • Better metrics, better decision making. With Zero I can build you dashboards to track your users, revenue, sales, anything
  • No risk. If you are minimally un-happy I will immediately refund your last payment.

What I get:

  • I get to work on Zero, build dashboards and use-cases with real data
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue
  • Loyal customers


I'm 99% sure that you have tools which can be streamlined, inefficient processes which can be made efficient and missing data which can help you make decisions.

The only thing I'm asking is to allow me to help you fix them risk free.

I'm really keen on working hard on this, and I think it's a great opportunity for many companies. Even if you are not sure what Zero and I could do for you I suggest to sign up, I'll reach out and we can discuss this together. You are always in time to say no thank you and get a full refund back.

Let's Start:

Spots are limited because my time is limited. Please sign up as soon as possible, you can always cancel later on. I'll reach out immediately after and we can start working!

Get Started

Fun fact:

We applied for YC with Zero. This is our product video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wF0Xs2OqcMI

Last Updated: July 13, 2021

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