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Find new leads on UpWork

UpWork can be a great place to find new leads. If you are in tech it's very likely that users are already looking on UpWork for what you are selling

Zero can visualize data coming from any source.

This guide will show you how to integrate it with UpWork. As with our other guides you have a complete editable example below.

We will build a simple table, but you can use the same concepts and apply them to any other block type. If you need any help do not hesitate to contact us.

What we need to do:

Whenever you need to build a block with Zero there are 2 things you need to do:

  1. Fetch the data
  2. Format the data to match the required schema

Remember: Each block has it's own schema and you need to always return the data in the correct format which matches that schema! You can always check the required schema in the tab at the bottom of each script

Let's start:

UpWork can be a great place to find new leads. Very often users are already looking for a solution which you could offer.

Upwork offer a great way to access all new job posts via RSS so the only thing we need is to fetch the data, convert it to a JSON and return it in the correct format.

rss2json is a great free online tool to convert rss feeds to json, so we will use that. We also need to encode our URL and search term:

const search_term = "marketing"
const search = `${encodeURIComponent(search_term)}`
const url = `${encodeURI(search)}`

At this point we can use the api() function to fetch the jobs:

const {data} = await api.get(url)
return => ({
    title: `[${item.title}](${})`

We use markdown in the title, and we create a link, so that we can directly click on any job which seems interesting.

That's it! Now you have an automatically updated list with new leads!

Editable Block Example

Below you have a live example. Feel free to change the settings and reload the block.

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